Integrated Logistics

We have developed a seven-step Integrated Logistics Program as a way of seamlessly adapting our services to our customers' operations. This seven-step approach allows for lower customer overhead, simplified accounting records, the lowest possible rates and duties, shorter transit times, and the utmost control over every aspect of each transaction:

  • Placing the Order
  • Transportation
  • Logistics & Document Filing
  • Follow Up
  • Inland Delivery, Stripping and Warehousing
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Free Transaction Follow Up and Auditing

Let NRI guide you through the fascinating world of international trade.

Step One: Placing the Order

Our Integrated Logistics Services will guide our customers through all steps of the supply chain. We guarantee excellent support, security screening (we are C-TPAT certified) and great service. Through our network of international agents, we help you save money and time by guiding you to choose the correct trade agreements in order to secure the lowest possible duties (INCOTERMS 2010), and the most convenient way to freight-forward your merchandise. Our representatives will assist the importer in proper order filing, determining delivery dates.

Step Two: Transportation & Importer Security Filing (ISF 10 + 2)

By selecting the best Agent/Foreign Freight Forwarder in order to assure the fastest and safest cargo delivery, the designated Agent/Foreign Freight Forwarder will be in charge of coordinating pick-up, inland transportation, consolidating cargo (if required), preparing the required documents for export/entry and submitting them to our associates. The information for complying with ISF requirements will be sent to us or to the designated filer so that the details regarding vessel shipments can be submitted to Customs and Border Protection at least 24 hours before lading.

Step Three: Logistics & Document Filing

Once the export/entry documents are received from the designated Agent/Foreign Freight Forwarder, by fax or e-mail, NRI will "pre-file" the shipment at the local Customs office. The original documents will arrive by courier, way before the actual shipment. By "pre-filing" these documents electronically through the U.S. Customs Automated Broker Interface (ABI), we can obtain "Release" before arrival or within 24 hours of the actual event.

Step Four: Follow up

Your order is tracked electronically so that we can advice you of its arrival. This will enable you to have a constant up-date of your shipment.

Step Five: Inland Delivery, Stripping and Warehousing

Upon the arrival of the merchandise, we will assist the importer by arranging the best and most cost effective means of Inland Transportation. With a total of 1,163,424 cubic feet of warehousing space available through our sister company ImEx Zone Logistics and Joe Oquendo Bonded Warehousing we can conduct shipment stripping and offer temporary warehousing, thus assuring shipment integrity, controlling security and avoiding unnecessary demurrage and storage charges. We will also coordinate the obtaintion of a "Proof of Delivery" (POD), if required.

Step Six: Consolidated Invoicing

Our consolidated invoice includes every service and disbursement related to a particular shipment. This allows for lower in-house processing on behalf of the customer and reduced audit costs.

Step Seven: Free Transaction Follow-Up and Auditing

NRI will analyze and follow up on all U.S. Customs requirements/correspondence (at no extra cost) until "Liquidation" is finalized. This process could take up to four years from the date of entry, according to U.S. law. Every transaction is carefully audited to assure the highest level of accuracy and fairness for all parties.